Hello and welcome!
I am one of the seven billion people walking on this earth of ours. I have my strengths and my flaws, so I’m not that special. However, at the same time, I AM unique because there’s no other person exactly like me on the planet (at least I do hope so). As such, I decided to jot down my thoughts out to the public – but, writing about what?

According to History of Blogging, the very first blog was created in 1994; since then, blogs about every topic under the sun sprouted everywhere.

When reading one of the many hundreds books or articles about ‘how to run a blog’, it seems that – in order to capture the interest of the crowds – the blogger has to focus on a specific topic (better if it’s a niche market) and write only about it. That way readers will relate to, and return to the page because they will feel in tune with what has been written or to harness information and knowledge.

I find this ‘rule’ (guideline?) so restrictive! Aside from the fact that probably every niche market has been covered – I’m sure that there might even be a blog on ‘exploring sewer tunnels for fun and profit’ – for how long and how much more can one write on the enticing mysteries of sewage conducts in such way to keep readers entertained?
Imagine I restrict myself to only write about pencil illustrations; as it happens, one day I experience a funny or dramatic event while driving to work, and I have penned a full essay about it, which might or might not bring solace or enlightenment to the readers. Do I forget the story and strictly carry on just about illustrations, or would I need to start another blog, this one focussing on car trips?
That’s why my blog is a bit of everything, whatever crosses my mind at a given moment. I might not garner hundreds of followers, but I would be genuine and bring variety; it would be like meeting me at a party and chit chat about anything.
So, sit back, relax, click on the BLOG menu link and enjoy my ramblings. With or without a glass of wine it’s totally up to you.

Cheers, and keep being fantastic!