The game of eating

People make me laugh, as they proudly declare:

“I’m on a strict banting (paleo) diet.” – and he eats chips and sandwiches;

“My body is my temple, and the only things I eat are calibrated calories, fat, and protein meals that I make. No sugars” – and he scoffs two shop-bought muffins;

“I’m vegetarian, because I can’t stand seeing animals killed.” – and she eats fish and chicken.

Time… the frame and arbiter of our existence. For all save me, people’s perceptions confined to the experiences of their own lives. Short little mayfly flashes of light against the backdrop of infinity. Past and present have reality because we’ve lived through them. The future – that great unknown – remains but a dream… for all save me. I am Destiny. [image and text are © Marvel]

A beautiful piece of writing.