To be fat is a taboo

The only taboo in the western world is a fat belly. One can be unable to read, but it’s imperative that he shows the washboard waist of a top model.” – Carlo Calenda, Italian manager and politician.

In fact, it’s true. You can be a criminal, be as ugly as sin, be a complete moron, be totally incompetent at anything or be illiterate, and nobody will raise a single brow.
But, happen to be overweight and/or sport a pot belly and the world will scream in horror: dozens of strangers, friends and acquaintances will advise you in depth about the benefits of trimming down, tell you about one or another diet (which don’t include gluten, wheat, sugar, fats, dairy, meat, fruits, alcohol – essentially, to eat only sand), or merely stare at you in veiled commiseration.

I wonder if anyone ever went to Buddha and told him, “Yo, mate, it’s quicker to jump over you than running around you“… 

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